A man started digging holes in the backyard, when the neighbors noticed what it was, they immediately called the police


What could be nicer than a sun lounger or hammock in the garden while enjoying a good book and a cold beer or cocktail? Large pool, comparable to 5 star hotels. A man considered a major makeover of his home, but once he started executing the plan, neighbors became suspicious. Digging holes in the back of the yard for days can raise question marks, even for someone who doesn’t care what’s outside the fence. Make sure to read to the end and see the pictures, maybe try it for yourself.

After the death of his dog, this man from Canada decided to use the space for himself and his family. After a thorough analysis of the situation, the man decided that the pool would be ideal given the available space on the property. He started digging with a friend and the project took shape every day.


His neighbors began to suspect that the man was plotting something illegal. They called the police, but everything was fine, so they understood. He didn’t want an ordinary swimming pool, but a swimming pool like in luxury hotels, in a modern style, surrounded by stones.



After a lot of work under the hot sun, people have completed the project and looking at the attached photos you have to admit that on a hot day you would love to jump in it. What do you think of this project? Tempting, isn’t it? The man saved a lot of money, the same project, carried out by a team of professionals, would have cost him more than $25,000, while his investment did not exceed $10,000. Send this story to your loved ones and spread some creativity!




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