Amber Heard was completely changed after the Johnny Depp trial


Amber Heard was unsuccessful in the Johnny Depp trial. The actress is obligated to pay her ex-husband $10.4 million in damages, but her lawyer believes she is unable to do so. Amber Heard failed to convince the jury that she was right when she claimed in a 2018 Washington Post article that she was a victim of domestic violence.


Despite the fact that Johnny Depp’s name was not in the play, the actor claimed that it negatively impacted his career and filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife for $50 million in damages. For her part, Heard sued Depp for calling her a liar, seeking $100 million in damages.


The court said they defamed each other. Johnny Depp has to pay his ex-wife $2 million in compensation, although he didn’t do it directly but through his lawyer. The actress also has to pay $10.4 million in compensation.

Amber Heard fails to pay Johnny Depp $10.4 million Amber Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, claims the actress “definitely” would not be able to pay such a large sum. She believes the actress has been “demonized” by the Pirates of the Caribbean legal team and has said she plans to appeal the jury’s verdict. In that case, the actress will have to pay a guarantee totaling $10.35 million plus interest.

If he cannot pay, the court can order that part of his future wages be withheld.

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