A young woman holds the hand of a blind man, unaware that a man is photographing her next to her.


Casey Spellman wasn’t looking for fame or attention. She just wanted to help the man call a taxi.
Occasional acts of kindness have a long history, and this one is no exception. After a game with the Chicago Cubs, a blind man unsuccessfully tried to get a taxi. So Casey approached.

Witness Ryan Hamilton was on the roof of a house near Wrigley Field when he took two photos of the event. Then 26-year-old Spielman approached the blind man and called him into a taxi.


“I didn’t think much about it back then,” Spielman recalls. “He was still very busy after the Cubs game.” “Oh man, this is going to take a while,” I thought.

She even asked if a man would rather sit in the front or the back.

Casey is from Indianapolis and was in the Wrigleyville area to see friends. Joseph Dale, an American attorney in Chicago, has been identified as blind.

“Would you like help arranging a taxi?”


asked magician.

“Yeah, your voice sounds nice, so the taxis will probably stop for me,” he explained.

Dale responded with a witty remark.



While on the street haunting a cab, Casey and Dale chat about baseball, the crowd, and the afternoon game. A few minutes later, a taxi pulled up and Dale and Casey hugged before boarding.

Comment text on Ryan Hamilton’s photo,

“I wanted to say hello to this girl. We’re on the roof of the Old Crow Smokehouse in Wrigleyville, and I have no idea who she is. A blind Cubs fan tried to hail a cab for minutes until a lady came up to him and asked if he needed help haunting a taxi.’ I stayed with him until the car came. It’s inspiring to see so much compassion in a world where the media shows so much hate. Share as much as you like in the hopes it will spread its goodwill.”


It’s a Facebook post with over 38,000 reactions and likes. Why shouldn’t it be?

Casey doesn’t consider herself a hero, and all she wants is for her viral act to serve as a great example for others. Even if this occurred years ago, tiny acts of compassion have a lovely way of reverberating throughout the world.

Spelman works as a deaf speech and language pathologist in an Indiana school.

She continues, “Regardless of handicap or other distinctions, we should treat individuals equally.” If we all followed her motto, the world would be a much better place. We couldn’t be more in agreement.

There is so much division and fear in the world, but Casey’s selfless act might be just what you need to go out and help others in need.


Casey Spelman showed the world that even the tiniest act of compassion can make a huge difference.

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