A young mother was on summer vacation with her children


Bethany, a young mother, was on summer vacation with her children. That day I decided to go to the beach and swim in the warm and clear sea water of southern Japan. They played on the beach and swam all day, everything was normal.


The woman came on vacation with the kids and some friends because Bethany’s husband, Hirom Bronson, couldn’t come because of his job. He served in the military and was deployed to Afghanistan for six months.



Once they were all in the water, a family friend started taking pictures of Bethany and her children and asked them to say hello to Hyerm as their father had been away for weeks. Then his daughter Charity tells him that she will always love him and that she misses him very much.

But while filming, something approached them from behind. What a surprise! Nobody expects that! Out of the water, dressed in a wet suit, it was Hyrum himself who wanted to surprise his entire family. And he succeeded!

This is the emotional moment that left Bethany in tears!

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