You Will Soon Die If You Keep On Eating This Kind Of Tilapia


In both Asia and America, tilapia is a type of fish that is loved by many. It is the most consumed fish because it can be bought at a pocket friendly price and can be acquired skinless and boneless. It also lacks that fishy taste and is easy to cook.

But have you ever known that tilapia has its dark side which is even more disastrous than meats like pork and beef? It is hard to obtain the wild tilapia and that means we are consuming the one that is farm-bred. So, what is the difference between the farm-bred tilapia and a wild one? The farm-bred tilapia feeds on GMO and soy pellets while the wild one eats lake algae and plants.

Since what we normally buy at the restaurants and supermarkets is the farm-bred one, it has been shown that we risk getting diseases like the coronary disease, joint inflammation, asthma and many other health problems. They also contain cancer causing agents, 10 times the normal quantity of carcinogenic compared to that contained in the wild tilapia.


We must also remember that pesticides are used when treating them or preventing them from diseases and those chemicals remain in their bodies. Farmed fish also have a substance known as Dioxin in their bodies. Whenever the substance is taken in by a human being, it will take about a decade before it can leave the body.

Farmed tilapia have less protein and less Omega 3 but more Omega 6 unsaturated fats. Adverse effects can result when the ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in our bodies is not balanced. Have you ever known that the ranch fish feed has chicken poop as one of the major ingredients? Is that something you will love to eat?


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