This woman’s gesture has spread all over the world


An obstetrician in Kentucky had to make sure her patient’s baby was delivered safely before she could give birth to her daughter.

On Sunday, Dr Amanda Hess gave birth to her second child, while Leah Hallyday-Johnson was due to give birth to her fourth child.


Hess examined Halliday Johnson during her pregnancy, but according to Johnson, he was not her primary physician at the Blue Grass Women’s Care Center, where Hess practiced.
Halliday Johnson stated, “I’ve seen it three or four times and I really liked it.” “She shouldn’t have been on duty because she was expecting a baby.”
According to a Facebook post from Dr. Hala Sabri, the founder of the Physician Moms Group, was admitted to Hess at the Frankfurt Regional Hospital when she heard Halliday Johnson preparing for childbirth.
According to the publication, Hallyday Johnson’s baby was in trouble and in dire need of help. Although the doctor on duty was on his way, Hess recognized the situation and acted quickly. She put on a pair of shoes over her slippers and a hospital gown to cover her back before going to work.



In an interview with NBC News on Friday, Hess explained, “You know, I’m not on call, I’m here in a dress, but I think we should have the baby.”
Halliday Johnson stated she had no idea Hess was in labor and that the doctor handled the delivery professionally.
Halliday Johnson stated, “She was clearly in a medical condition.” “My husband knew something was wrong because she was wearing a hospital gown, but I was too busy on the birth table to notice. There I was in my own world.”
Hess said she expected to work late into her pregnancy, but not the day she gave birth. According to the NBC News affiliate, her labor started just minutes after Halliday Johnson’s youngest child was born.


“I had really taken a call the day before, so I figured I was working right up until the last minute.” Hess told WLEX-18, “But this was literally to the last second.”

Although the two ladies haven’t spoken since becoming new mothers, Halliday Johnson expressed gratitude to Hess for stepping in.

Halliday Johnson remarked, “She’s obviously earned her time off.” “I value what she did for my family, and it speaks volumes about who she is as a woman, a mother, and a physician.” It makes you feel better about having a baby girl knowing that there are women like her willing to step up.”

It was all in a day’s work, according to Hess. “I deliver other people’s babies on a daily basis,” Hess explained. “And I’m definitely more at ease delivering someone else’s baby than my own.”

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