Woman Snowboarding Doesn’t Notice She’s Being Chased By A Bear


Kelly Murphy was snowboarding in Japan’s Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park near Nagano when what appears to be a brown bear jumps behind her and starts chasing her down the slope. But the young woman was wearing headphones and is completely oblivious to the bear! She’s humming to Rihanna’s “Work” and filming a “selfie video” so is completely unaware of the bear running behind. her.

Eventually, she’s going too fast for the bear to keep up and leaves him behind on the snowy hill. It wasn’t until later when she was reviewing the footage that she saw what a close call she had.


“OMG! I was going through my snowboarding videos and I found a bear chasing me!!!” she wrote on YouTube. “I nearly got eaten!!! … Be careful people!!!”

Many people have since claimed the video must be fake, just like the man who cliff dived into waters with a shark. But other people and Murphy herself are saying it’s real. The timing of the bear’s appearance on the mountain does coincide to when the animals come out of hibernation and bears have been seen around the ski slope in recent years. The mountain is also said to put up loud speakers to keep bears away. So, the jury is out.

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