A woman rejoices over her abusive husband’s demise and disposes of his remains in the garbage.


After enduring abuse from her husband, Don Widener, Marsha Widener celebrated his death in a unique manner. Rather than opting for a traditional farewell, Marsha took to social media to give her late husband what she believed was a fitting send-off. During their marriage, Don insulted and controlled Marsha, and his family did not want him after his death. Consequently, Marsha chose to honor him by disposing of his ashes in the trash.


Marsha held the box containing Don’s remains and explained her actions to the camera. She knew that some people would not understand her decision, but she believed it was the right thing to do. Don’s family did not want him, and his brother and children did not want him around either. Marsha stated that they wanted him to go in the gutter or the toilet.


In life, Don had worked as a garbage man, transporting trash from industries to landfill. Therefore, it seemed fitting to Marsha that he be discarded in the same way. She viewed it as payback for all the pain and grief that he had caused his family. In the video, Marsha emptied Don’s ashes into the trash, and they fell to the ground. She quickly ground the ashes into the dirt with her foot and then proceeded to empty the rest into the bin. As the last of the ashes fell in, she said, “Adios, amigo.”

Marsha’s decision to discard Don’s ashes in the trash may seem extreme, but it was her way of coping with the abuse that she had endured during their marriage. It was also her way of standing up for herself and her family. While it may not be a traditional way to say goodbye, Marsha felt that it was the right way for her to move on from the pain and grief that Don had caused her.


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