Woman Driving By Notices McDonald’s Strange Nativity Scene. Posts Pic That Goes Viral


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the trees, twinkling lights and presents. So when one woman drove by a McDonald’s restaurant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and saw something shocking in the window, she immediately snapped a picture.
The employees at this McDonald’s made a huge statement with their unique and very powerful window display.

These days, it’s common for people, especially young children, to not understand or acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas. With all the hoopla surrounding Santa, his eight reindeer and bag of toys, people forget about the birth of Jesus on a cold winter night.
Fortunately, Amy Basel recently visited a McDonald’s that not only recognized the meaning behind the joyous holiday, but is displaying it proudly for everyone in the city to see.

Amy is the founder of Your Path, His Plan, a blog where she speaks and writes about the power of God’s love. With His love and acceptance, Amy was able to let go of her troubled past and follow the light. Sharing the gospel and empowering generations is what Amy loves to do now and it’s why she was so happy when she saw the McDonald’s nativity scene drawn on the windows.

Amy immediately posted a picture of the McDonald’s display on her Facebook wall with the caption:

“Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in The Mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald’s… You made my day.


‘His name is Jesus.’”

In a day and age where Santa is more popular than Jesus, it was refreshing to see some people still understood the true importance of the holiday.

If you look closely you can see two very powerful displays of faith. On each side of the nativity scene someone wrote, “His name is Jesus” and “Rejoice.”
In the time since Amy posted the photo, it has gone viral! Her post has been shared more than 82,000 times and liked by nearly 138,000 users – and it’s easy to see why!

The thought of a huge corporation like McDonald’s spreading Christmas cheer like this is very much respected and appreciated by millions of proud Christians.


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