Wife gives birth after husband goes into coma


Wife gives birth after husband goes into coma – what she did the next day is unbelievable

Having children is such a blessing. Parents feel a lot of emotions leading up to the big day, and while you’re at it, you know that feeling of impatience as you count down the days until the due date while making sure everything is in order, remembering the names, the room layout , and the way you hold the little one in your arms. Everyone loves miracles. If you don’t believe in miracles yet, we recommend that you read the following story.

Charlene Pope, 29, couldn’t believe her ears when her beloved partner was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. He fell into a coma when she was 38 weeks pregnant. The doctors didn’t tell her all the details about her boyfriend’s condition as they didn’t want her to worry and stress her out as it could lead to pregnancy complications. James Spence suffered brain damage and doctors didn’t give him many chances.



After giving birth to a healthy, handsome little boy, Charlene decided it would be a good idea to take little Carter to his father, because who knows what might happen the next day. After she was born at 2 a.m., she took her newborn baby to his father at 3 p.m. the same day. Most interestingly, James awoke from a coma just two days later and began to recover from this terrible accident. Doctors and family believe Carter was the reason he woke up and now believe in miracles. It may not seem rational at all, but we all know that the power of love can restore and heal!


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