The wedding photo shoot was an unexpected surprise


The wedding photo shoot was an unexpected surprise – the groom jumped into the water when he saw what had happened

One of the greatest desires of all couples who marry for love is to be in their lives on this special day, as it marks an important point in their relationship and opens the door to another chapter. The moment when you say yes, the wedding location, the outfit of the groom and the magical dress of the bride, the excellent cuisine, the weather, the guest list and the photos taken. All these things provide an ideal environment and a lot of energy, if properly organised. This couple got a completely unexpected surprise during their wedding photo session. Although the groom’s outfit was vandalized, it’s clear that the photos captured during the unexpected event will have a special place in her album.


Brittany and Clayton Cook had their special day, a beautiful wedding, just as they had envisioned it, but something happened during the photo shoot. While standing on a small bridge over a lake while taking photos in the park, Clayton spotted a young boy struggling to survive on the surface after falling into the water. The groom immediately ran to him and jumped into the lake to get him out.



Fortunately, he was quick enough to grab the little man’s arm and pull him out of the cold water. He made sure the little boy was okay, but he was only scared because he couldn’t swim. Real attention to detail really makes a difference, as did Clayton during the photo shoot.

“That’s my tone. That’s how he is and that’s how he reacts, instinctively, without thinking. That’s why I love him so much,” said Brittany.


It’s not that Clayton wasn’t convinced, but after that event during their marriage, his honorable deeds prove to her once again that he is the best man for her and the only one who should be by her side to support and protect her. grow . with the years. She definitely feels safe with him and they will have a great marriage. Even though the suit is compromised, the photos are unforgettable and will always remind Brittany that he is a man in every sense of the word. Be sure to check out the photos to see Clayton rescue the baby from the water.

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