Want Those Cool VHS Tapes On Your Computer? This Is It. Great!


The fact that technology is advancing doesn’t mean we should leave everything else behind and blindly go with the flow. Fond memories are definitely some of those things we wouldn’t want to leave behind;especially when these memories have been recorded using the previous technology that now happens to seem more ancient than dinosaurs.

That’s no cause to worry. You see, while new things are coming our way every day, there’re other guys who are dedicated in making sure that what we had yesterday still makes it into today. One of those transferable things are the contents in those old VHS tapesand VCRs you’ve been keeping and hoping that one day you could somehow get them on your computer.

Seems like that day is today!


In this video, you get to learn the way. If you had been resigned to the impossibility of transferring VHS contents to the computer, you need to take a deep breath and get ready to believe otherwise. With this cool trick, you can now access those great classic movies you love and even watch them on your computer!

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