A waitress draws attention when she gets a $0 tip on a $187 bill after responding to a Facebook post.


Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the increased number of reports of bad customer behavior, we are republishing this story.

A waitress in Colorado talked about working in the US on social media.

As reported by Mic, after receiving zero dollars for a $187.43 transaction, Tylar Cordova took a photo of the receipt and posted it on Facebook. Her article contained a passionate and well-written overview of his job as a server.


“You are the lowest,” she wrote, both to the customer who bribed her and to those who didn’t pay. She went on to explain the consequences for guests who do not include the required tip on their bill:

Remember, if you decide not to tip them, the waiter already has a lot of bills to pay. Our families don’t have enough food for a week because you decided it wasn’t necessary, even though you asked for it and got it all for free. Since you get two more dollars, my daughter no longer needs this essential item.

Every decision has consequences. Depending on the employer, servers earn a base salary of $2 to $5 an hour. Imagine how hard you’ll have to work this week to get by on $2-$5 an hour to feed your family and yourself the next time you decide to leave a tip before you get the bill regardless of the circumstances. Could you pay your expenses on that salary alone? Could you support your family and yourself? Because that’s what happens when you choose not to tip.

The United States confirmed his claim. According to the Department of Labor, “the employer of an intoxicated employee must immediately pay wages of $2.13 per hour if that amount, including tips earned, is at least equal to the federal minimum wage.”

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