Victoria Principal Played Pamela on “Dallas.” How She Looks Now at 72..?


“Dallas” was a popular primetime soap opera, first aired more than 40 years ago, in 1978. Since then, the stars have gone through a lot. Since leaving the show, Victoria Principal who played Pamela on Dallas published books, gotten married and divorced, founded a charity, and engaged in a number of other endeavors.

Principal portrayed Pamela on Dallas. She continued in the role through Season 10. (In total, the show had 14 seasons on the air.) A quick review: In spite of the animosity between their families, Pamela and Bobby Ewing’s (Patrick Duffy) marriage became a focal point of the show. You may also recall Pamela because it was eventually established that Season 9 had actually been nothing but a dream of hers.

Sadly for Principal, the days of unexpected plot twists in his dreams are ended.

Find out how she is doing now by reading on.

Principal’s first big break came with a film role before she became a Dallas star. She co-starred with Paul Newman in 1972’s The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. After her time on Dallas, she starred in shows like Love, American Style and movies like Fantasy Island.

She continued acting throughout the 1990s and 2000s, appearing in shows including Home Improvement and Providence, as well as The Practice. Victoria Principal Productions, her own production firm, released several TV movies during this time.

Principal’s final acting role was in the 2000 show Titans. She told TV Insider in 2018 that while she had no current intentions to return to acting, she had learned long ago to “never say never,” since “life has a way of presenting us unexpected gifts if we are paying attention.”

She has also launched a skincare brand in addition to her many novels.

The Body Principal (1983), The Beauty Principal (1984), The Diet Principal (1987), and The Living Principal (1989) are the four books authored by her, all of which focus on beauty and health. She devoted the next 30 years of her life to this field and to running her own skincare line, Principal Secret. She told People in 2018 that she was leaving the entertainment industry because her “interest had altered in such a way that to not pursue my passion,” which was increasingly her skincare firm and the creation of items that may help many people.


However, she left the business in 2019. “After 30 years in the skincare business and 28 years as the President & Founder of Principal Secret, I will be stepping down to devote myself full time to my philanthropic work through The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence and my rescue work with animals,” she told Entertainment Tonight in a statement.

She’s deeply devoted to the environment.

While speaking with TV Insider, Principal revealed that she founded the organization in 2006 with a specific goal in mind. “The impetus is to help financially support this beautiful planet and life upon it,” she said. “I’m particularly involved with ecology, oceans, banning toxic substances and helping children and animals.”

She has her own rescue ranch, where she assists animals in need. “I rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been neglected and abused,” she continued. “They need medical care, patience and love to recover physically, emotionally and in spirit. This is not a charitable organization but rather something I have dreamed of and they all live out the rest of their lives with me. It’s something that fills me with joy every day… but my business manager not so much.”

She’s been married twice.

Image source: Alan Light/Wikimedia


She has been married and divorced twice already. From 1978 until 1981, she was wed to screenwriter and producer Christopher Skinner. She later wed Harry Glassman, a plastic surgeon, and they were together from 1985 until 2006. Principal dated musician Andy Gibb for a year in between her two marriages, and the two of them recorded a song together titled “All I Have to Do Is Dream.”

According to an interview with People, Principal stated that she and her Dallas co-stars did not develop close friendships. She explained that while there were phone calls, she rarely hosted in-person gatherings. “In any case, we never truly became close. We shared a workplace and lived separate lives, but they overlapped. Patrick had just gotten married and was starting a family, Steve Kanaly had just gotten married and was starting a family, Larry Hagman was married and had children, and Linda Gray was married and had children when I first started working on the show. When I first started writing this, I was a bachelor. Indeed, those are strikingly dissimilar ways of living.” She shared a special connection with the late Barbara Bel Geddes, who played Ellie Ewing, and referred to her as her “idol” in an interview with TV Insider.

That said, Principal is glad to see that the show lives on. “I’m happy, based [on] all the emails that I’ve gotten, that people are introducing their children or their grandchildren to Dallas,” she said. “I’m so excited that people continue to remember Dallas.”

She still looks amazing at 72 years old, wow!

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