The vast wealth I have inherited from Teacher!


After her death, the former Italian literature teacher surprised many of her acquaintances and friends. No one knew about the extraordinary wealth of a woman.

Edmunda Marisa Kavanaugh, 96, died on December 9, 2020. The former coach wrote her will since 2012. No one knew what it contained or how great her fortune was.

He even gave money to take care of him.

When studying the document, it turned out that the Italian had about 25 million euros. Many hospitals, clubs and non-profit organizations have received millions of donations. The money went to 16 institutions, including Gaslini Hospital and Galliera Hospital in the city of Liguria.



In the case of hospitals, Kavanaugh requested that the legacy be used for research and equipment, not for administration and maintenance.

The relatives of her niece received millions of euros from the pensioner. The teacher also remembered the woman who had helped and treated her over the past few months. According to Corriere della Sera, the latter received 3.7 million euros. When notary Marisa heard that he was also heir to the estate, he exclaimed: “I didn’t expect to be in the will.”

The older lady has been removed.

Marisa Kavanagh never married, never had children and inherited part of her fortune from her family.

People who knew the teacher personally described her as a devout Christian. She lived a secluded life and helped many people.

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