Upside-Down Thanksgiving Turkey Keeps Bird Tender And Moist


Thanksgiving is upon us which means it’s nearly time to cook the turkey. One of the most important ways to tell if you have cooked the perfect turkey is if the meat stays moist. No one likes to eat dry white meat or drumsticks that are burnt. That’s why this next roasting technique is so brilliant and will keep the juices in. The solution? Roast your turkey upside down.

Chef Thomas Joseph demonstrates what to do. First, he uses a buttered bread (a loaf of ciabatta bread or rustic Italian) to line the bottom of the roasting pan. This keeps the breast meat from damaging or sticking to the bottom of the pan. Next Joseph seasons the turkey and places the turkey upside down in the pan…Watch his step-by-step tutorial in the video below for what to do next.


Have you cooked a turkey this way before? This is definitely a recipe I am going to give a try.

Share this upside-down turkey technique with your family and friends for the holidays!

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