Twins are born joined by a physical bond


Twins are very special. Mainly because of the connection they have, both mentally and physically, and if we think a little bit about some interesting facts, this topic becomes more and more interesting. Did you know that identical twins have 99.9% identical DNA? There were also cases when they were not born on the same day, but with a difference of 84 days. Some twins have such a special relationship that there have been instances of twins thinking of the same thing or feeling the same feelings and doing the same thing at the same time. Fantastic, isn’t it? Well, there are some special cases where they are born bound, when they are physically bound together. These are very rare cases and the life of twins is put at risk because the organs can also stick together, leading to serious complications.

Bella and Abby were conjoined twins and even though they don’t remember, they still have that strong bond between them. They remained in the hospital for 6 months after birth because their organs were twisted. This condition is very rare, and if you want to know some numbers, it can occur once in every 60,000 births. It was difficult for her at first as her life was threatened by the adhesions in her chest and abdomen. It was a real challenge for the doctors and they had to make a risky decision and with parental consent they started the surgery thinking it was their only chance of survival. At first it seemed like a double problem, but thanks to their experience and commitment, the operation is a success.


On May 12, 2006, the operation was performed and 17 doctors were present, and the operation lasted 12 hours. All this time, parents worried and constantly prayed for their little owners. The operation was a great success and in less than half a month the family was back home.

Ten years after the operation, the girls are healthy and very active. Abby and Bella do gymnastics to channel their enormous energy. They love that they can play together and it feels like they are in constant competition. In fact, they found that they shared some telepathic abilities and found that girls surprised each other by thinking the same or understanding each other without expressing themselves verbally.

We are happy to know that Abby and Isabel have a beautiful life and are enjoying it to the fullest. Both have a necklace with a message that really tells their story: “One in a Million”. Sure enough, these beautiful girls are one in a million. Her parents are proud and happy to see that their little girls are healthy and playing all day long. Let’s share this story and tell us what you think!

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