Tragic Incident: Due to Alzheimer’s, Grandmother Accidentally Leaves Door Open Resulting in the Fall of Twin Babies. May They Rest in Peace.


Unquestionably the most awful thing that might take place is a child dying.

The terrible pain of the family went through as a result of a careless mistake that cost them a lot.

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The 18 month old twin toddlers are likely to have fall in the family pool at home because their great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, is suspected of having left the door open.

Locklyn and Loreli, who are 18 months old, were found by their mother Jenny Callazzo at the bottom of a dirty pool on their farm, where they live with their family outside of Oklahoma City.

The mother of the twins found them both unconscious. Two hours after they were discovered, both children had been declared dead. Callazzo, a mother of two, runs a business from her home.

In the $565,000 home where her children drowned, she lives with other family members. The members of her family are her husband Sonny, her six children, and their grandmother. She is married to a 42-year-old marketing executive.

The back door of the home was left open by Callazzo’s grandmother, who has dementia, according to a relative who talked to the media. The twin toddlers slipped out when the door was partially open.


Although police are investigating the situation, they do not believe that any criminality contributed to these young chikdren tragic deaths.


Local photographers who captured aerial photos of the home say that the twins fell in a dirty pool that was covered in green algae. A few days prior to the tragic incident, Callazzo, 37 years old, had posted a picture of her children playing outside, on Facebook with the caption “just want to play outside.”

Residents described the awful scene in which they saw a mother in agony crying in the back of an ambulance as paramedics tried to save her children.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help the family with the costs associated with medical bills and funeral expenses.

We lost these adorable children far too soon. Any contribution you may make to cover costs would be greatly appreciated. We value everyone’s love and support.” the GoFundMe page’s description stated.


Laura Gamino, the injury prevention coordinator for trauma at OU Health, hoped that parents were aware of the dangers of letting their young children play in or near water.

She cautioned, “Anything can happen in an instant.”

She cautioned that babies lack the ability to help themselves get out of the water and that kids are drawn to the water. “Drowning is very sudden and very silent,” she said.

” People occasionally predict that a kid would struggle in the water and scream, but they are unable to react since the child’s mouth is full of water. The fact that it is so quiet is one of its frightening characteristics.

Gamino advises parents and pool owners to erect gates and fences around their pools that are at least 4 feet high to prevent young children from opening them.


This story is incredibly tragic. As the family deals with this unfathomable tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are with them. In this difficult period, we ask you to join us on praying for the family.

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