Top Tips on How to Squeeze Dog Walks Into Your Hectic Daily Schedule


Opting to take your dogs out for a walk on a daily basis in the park can have a handful of benefits for them.

Benefits of Walking Your Dogs:
>Dogs will be able to stay fit.
>Any excess energy that they have will be released, which means that they’ll be calmer around the house.
>Their brain will be stimulated due toall the new sounds, sights, and smells that are found outdoors.
>Itprovides theperfect opportunity to train your dogs.
>It allows them to go to the bathroom.

Despite all of these benefits that walking dogs provides, a lot of people just opt to walktheir dogs intermittently—or not at all. This might be because of schedule conflict due to kids, school, work, and/or etc. Thankfully, this matter can be alleviated with the following helpful tips (read below).

Set Up a Schedule
Choose a time that your life will permit you to take your dogs out every day and stick to it. If the time you chose falls in the nighttime, make sure that you protect yourself and your pet with reflective gear.

Have a Daily Reminder
Set a daily reminder on your phone instead of opting for an alarm clock, as it can be less intrusive. Who knows, since dogs have innate sense of time, if you get them use to walking outside at a certain time, they’ll more than likely come toward you and remind you with their awaiting presence.


Take Your Baby with You
Contrary to popular believe, having a baby doesn’t mean that walking a dog is something too difficult to perform. If you have a baby, you can opt to put him/her in a stroller while you walk your dog.

Think Outside the Box
If for some reason you cannot walk your dogs at the established time, opt to walk your dogs a few hours later. If you can’t take them out for a walk at all, you can always opt to play fetch in your yard. If the weather is not friendly, you can exercise your dogs indoors.

Squeeze it In
If you genuinely don’t have the time in your daily schedule to take your dogs out for a walk, you should highly consider squeezing the time for it in your schedule by getting up a half hour earlier. This will greatly benefit both you and your dogs.

The bottom line here is that there will always be obstacles in this life that prevent you from doing certain things, but when it comes to the well-being of your pets, you should always go the extra mile just like you would for any family member because at the end of the day, they love you just like a relative does . . . unconditionally.

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