Top Things That Can Bring Happiness into Your Everyday Life


A research that was conducted in 2000 shows us that adults are very optimistic. If one stops to think about it, materialistic things are not everything that the world has to offer. The most beautiful things are images, places, people and smell.

More than half of the individuals who participated in this research as examinees, stated that they described themselves as being joyful individuals. More than one quarter of them said that small things are the ones that are able to cheer them up.

Scientists have been able to conclude that true happiness lies in small surprises. Eighty-two percent of the examinees mentioned that the best things in life are the ones that they didn’t expect to happen to them at all.

Top Things That Can Bring Happiness into Your Everyday Life

>Taking a couple of minutes for yourself to be in complete silence when being in a middle of a rush

>When somebody asks you about how you’ve been doing

>When you receive a sincere smile from somebody

>Every moment you are able to spend with your mascot

>When you feed birds that often circle your house

>When you find money that you thought was lost


>When your bedclothes smell nice and are soft, when going to bed

>Those couple of seconds that you have to yourself when you wakeup

>When you purchase flowers to plant them

>When you look at the view of a sunny morning

>When a child smiles at you

>Encountering with a loved one you hadn’t seen for a while

>When it’s raining outside and you end up in the couch reading a book

>When you see children playing

>Retelling funny events to your friends

>Being able to smell the smells that you like

>Seeing a sky full of stars, full moon, sunrise, or sunset outside, for several minutes

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