Top Fourteen Psychology Facts That You Must Know the 411 on


1. The song you play the most on your device is more than likely associated with an emotional event.

You and everyone else.

2. Music is capable of impacting one’s perspective.

A study that was conducted at the University of Groningen shows that music can dramatically impact one’s perception during the day.

3. The happier you are when you spend money on others.

For this reason, you should give plenty every holiday to your loved ones!

4. Spending money on things that can provide an experience can make you happier.

In this life, it’s all about collecting memories, not things!

5. Compared to the average psych ward patient in 1950, nowadays, children are higher strung.


This is not surprising at all, as half of the human population is suffering with depression, anxiety, and/or a sort of substance abuse.

6. A couple of religious practices, in particular, can lower stress.

According to the American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders, those individuals who engage in prayer and meditation religiously tend to be less stressed.

7. Contrary to popular belief, money can buy happiness, when it’s $75,000 a year.

This type of amount has been noted to be able to liberate an average American from poverty, and thus, he/she can buy his/her needs and wants in life.

8. You can be happier if you surround yourself with people who are happy.

This is definitely not a big surprise.

source: higherperspectives

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