Tom Cruise surprises Kate Middleton at the premiere of new film Top Gun


Tom Cruise arrived in London last night after attending the Cannes Film Festival on May 18. Top Gun: Maverick premiered in the UK last night. The presence of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton added to the luxuries and conditions of the ceremony. And Tom Cruise was the shrewd gentleman who came to the rescue of the Duchess of Cambridge.

On Thursday night, fans flocked to London’s Leicester Square to see their favorite actor Tom Cruise and the rest of the Top Gun: Maverick cast. The occasion was made even more memorable by the Dukes of Cambridge for the premiere of their new show. The focus of the paparazzi was, of course, Prince William’s bride, who wore a very attractive strapless long black dress with a white ribbon.


Tom Cruise teamed up with Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for the premiere of the new movie Top Gun. This photo is attributed to Profimedia.

The 59-year-old ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star showed great courage by extending his elbow to the Duchess of Cambridge as she climbed the stairs to the cinema.



Of course, Tom’s valiant efforts were immortal and widely shared, especially on Twitter, where dozens of fans commented. Someone said, “He’s always a gentleman and never forgets, not even for a second, how he behaves in public.”

On his first visit to the Cannes Film Festival in 30 years, Tom Cruise received an honorary Palme d’Or and spoke about his love for the film at the premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on Wednesday.


For those wondering why he would risk his life doing his own stunts in Top Gun: Maverick, the famous actor has a message for them.

“Gene Kelly was never asked why he danced.” According to Variety, he mentioned it during a keynote speech at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday.

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