Although volunteering for a physical transformation isn’t the best thing a homeless person can do


Alcoholism, homelessness and poverty have been the definition of Jim’s life for a number of years. This was the case until September 2013 when he decided to volunteer for physical transformation.  Getting a new look is not the only thing that this transformation gave to him; there was more than you can imagine!

Hope and dignity is what was restored in this man. This made him remember the kind of addiction that was hidden behind his unkempt hair and decide that it was time to live another life in his new look.  He has plans of acquiring his own house and he regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the very first time.  His smile easily tells the dedication behind him!


If there is any slightest opportunity you can grab to make yourself better, do it now!  This is the opportunity that this man seizes.

Source: RobBlissCreative

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