They saw a little girl on the side of the road, near a forest


In August 2015, Angela drove home with her two children: 5-year-old Lexi and just 10-month-old Peter.


The mother of the two children was tired and her eyes grew heavy. The next place she could have rested was too far away, but Mama decided to stay awake until she got there.

But she didn’t get there. It was enough for the woman to close her eyes for a moment, and her car ended up in a deep pit.

The effect was so strong that Angela passed out.



Fortunately, it was her daughter Lexi who remained conscious. Seeing her mother in her condition and her brother crying non-stop, Lexi took action. The little girl did something few children her age would dare: she unfastened her seat belt and got out. I then climbed a steep incline along the road and started shaking the damaged car.


Finally a couple walking around saw Lexi and jumped in to help.

An ambulance quickly arrived and took Lexi, Peter and their mother to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Lexi’s mother suffered a serious back injury while Peter, a 10-month-old boy, was hospitalized after suffering an internal brain haemorrhage.

Lexi became the youngest person in Canada to receive a bronze medal from the authorities for her bravery and hard work.

Watch the video below where Lexi saves her mother and younger brother! She is a real heroine!

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