These kids met in college in the UK and soon fell in love.


They met at university in the UK and soon fell madly in love. They were in a relationship for six years before they decided to embrace their destiny. Just before the wedding, the two made an amazing discovery that changed their lives forever. Two young men have a surprising story to tell!

From the moment they met in college, Heidi and Ed Savitt felt like my soul mates. Their romance slowly but surely grew and they decided to get married last summer. Before the wedding, however, the two young men and their families made a surprising discovery.


The great story

It all started with the reaction of the girl’s mother, Kay Parker, to meeting her daughter-in-law. Despite liking her right away, the woman got the impression that she knew him from somewhere. That was the case!


When the young man’s parents reunited, they discovered that Ed Savitt had lived before. Heidi and Ed were only six years old when it all happened 20 years ago. They were with their families in Turkey where they met and mingled.


The two children were inseparable for a week, but the families did not communicate. The two laughed in an instant from their vacation, according to photos in the family archive.


“I started screaming.” It was surreal. “It’s crazy to think we would get married and move in together without remembering what happened,” said Heidi, who now believes Ed would be her husband. The discovery brought them closer than ever and they were now married.

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