The student missed an exam because she could not leave the child alone


Who said mom can’t study and do other chores she does at the same time? It is true that the mother has to equip herself with a lot of dedication, perseverance and patience to successfully solve everything she wants to achieve. In addition to these qualities, the program must be designed in such a way that other activities are not left out in order to maintain the balance.

With discipline and no regrets for the sacrifices and efforts involved, the path to achieving the goals is clear, even if there are obstacles along the way. The following article is about the experience of a young mother who understands the importance of multitasking and was unable to get to class in one day due to her busy schedule and her errands. The professor’s reaction to the girl’s absence impressed many people.

In addition to being a mother to a child of a few months old, 21-year-old Morgan Kelly works at night in a restaurant and takes classes at the University of Tennessee during the day (very small window).

She is happy and content and strives for a better life for herself and her child. Due to the very busy schedule I failed an important test. She emailed the teacher, apologized, explained the situation and asked her to offer her an alternative. The teacher totally understood because she is also a parent and responded very warmly to Kelly’s email:

“Hey Morgan,


We were surprised I didn’t see you in class today.

I’m sorry about the problems with your child. If you still have trouble finding someone to stay with Korbyn in the future, know that you can bring her to class. I would love to hold her while I teach, while you can be attentive and take notes. I work for the Family and Child department, it would be ugly not to allow a child to visit. Know that I’m serious, my offer is serious, bring Korbyn with you next time.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.”


What do you think of the teacher initiative? It’s so cute to invite the little one to class. Evidence of humanity and understanding. If you enjoy reading this story, please share it with your loved ones!

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