The priest announces that they are husband and wife, while the husband punches his wife in the face!


The moment when two people stand before the priest during a religious ceremony is a very special moment. Every bride hopes that all will be well in this moment and that nothing can destroy it, but sometimes things are different…


In this clip, the bride and groom seem just a step away from the priest’s declaration that they are husband and wife, as the husband punches his soon-to-be wife in the face!


But before jumping to conclusions, you need to know why. It seemed like a bee flew close to the woman’s face, so the groom tried to save the face of his beloved bride!

This odd moment made everyone in attendance laugh out loud, but the bride had the best response:

‘Well. I’d rather be beaten by a bee sting.’

Look how it happened, the moment is really weird and funny! Can’t the groom think of a more sophisticated way to get the bees going? Here’s the video:

What do you think?