The doctors froze when they saw how big the belly of this pregnant woman was


Lara Carpenter is a woman from Great Britain who had an extremely unusual pregnancy: she is known as the woman with the biggest belly.

The young woman was at the peak of happiness when she found out that she would become a mother, but very soon after that, her joy became fear, worry, and even horror. The reason is strange.


Her belly was growing so much that it scared her, it seemed she would never stop, even the doctor in charge of her pregnancy told her that she had never seen anything like it in his entire career!


Throughout her pregnancy, Lara gained an extraordinary amount of weight: 42 kilograms, the circumference of her abdomen reached a record value of 1.4 meters!

Here is what she confessed: “At 12 weeks my belly was already so big that many thought I was in the ninth month and were asking me when I was going to give birth. I couldn’t help but worry, I had also seen pregnant women, but no one, absolutely no one had suffered like me. I had a huge belly, I was scared, scared “.


Fortunately for her and her entire family, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl who weighed more than normal: 4.2 kilograms.

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