The color that Kate Middleton can’t stand


Kate Middleton’s looks always impress and her beautiful and timeless style has inspired women all over the world. Kate wore yellow, green, pink, blue and red on her recent royal tour that took her to Belize, Jamaica and Belize.

However, a specific color rarely, if ever, appears in Kate Middleton’s ensembles. Like Queen Elizabeth II, the Duchess does not shy away from wearing bright colors and shades. In her 10 years as a member of the royal family, however, Kate Middleton has only worn orange a handful of times.


Fashion experts at HELLO! The magazine noted, “Kate is like Regina when it comes to artistic choices. She likes bright weddings and can wear any color she wants. The Duchess prefers bright colors and is shaded in yellow, blue, green, pink , etc. But there’s one color we don’t see a lot of: orange.”


It is not yet known what he will do after his departure. “Maybe it’s not her color, maybe it doesn’t suit her, or maybe she doesn’t like it,” the experts concluded.


Kate Middleton has a shade that she avoids, but she also has a color that she clearly prefers. She is known to wear green on many occasions, especially the rich shades reminiscent of emerald. “Green is the perfect color for Kate Middleton,” says English designer Lucas Armitage.

“It emphasizes its inherent beauty by complementing her eyes and hair. Even if your color is old, it has been proven to be as modern as possible. Some colors suit one better than the other. Creating a modern look by going from top wearing the same color up to toe is a good start. Whichever magazine you choose, there will be at least one editor with a collection in one color.”

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