The child and his parents panicked when they saw several police officers standing at the door


Toxi was overjoyed when he turned 10, but he had no one to share his joy with because none of the kids were invited to his birthday party!

However, two days later, something unusual happened: a group of local police officers appeared in front of the boy’s house with a cake and presents.


Apparently, the police learned about Children’s Day through his mother’s Facebook post. The woman wrote about the importance of such experiences in a child’s life and development and encouraged parents to take up such offers. A total of 21 students were invited, all from his class, but none of them showed up.



But everything changed with the arrival of the police. Today has turned out to be a surprise party, the best birthday a young man can have! “I’ll always remember that day because it was my only birthday when people came in,” Tucci says crying towards the end of the film, which you can watch below.


Who needs friends when you have agents like that?

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