The cashier at the gas station saw a woman hurrying out of the restroom.


Kids don’t care what you’re doing or where you are when they arrive, whether it’s at the hospital, at home, or even at McDonald’s!

Or a gas station, as in the case of the young woman in the video below.

A Shell gas station employee in Lake Park, Fla. was involved in a dangerous situation.


Tammy Camp, the cashier, was approached by a young woman who appeared to be in pain and asked for a restroom key. The woman reappeared minutes later, bearing a deceased infant, according to Camp.


“I realized she was holding something,” Camp explained. “She was in a lot of pain. We saw the baby, and she informed us that she had just given birth.”

The mother initially placed the infant on the hood of her car, believing it had died. Camp sprang into action, scooping up the baby and dialing 911. Then something remarkable occurred.

Camp explained, “I tried to arouse the baby.” “I was ordered to clear the airway by 911. It began to make a noise.”

The newborn baby girl started crying, and Palm Beach Gardens Fire-Rescue arrived minutes later to help the kid and her mother. Due to the effort of giving birth, the young mother was still bleeding.

Both were rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center and have subsequently made a full recovery.

Without Camp’s assistance, the situation might not have ended so happily. She stated that she did what she would expect anyone else in her situation would do.

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