The 92-year-old man entered the bank but was rejected, but came back with the help of a police officer to be served


It’s such an amazing feeling when you grow up and see your family blooming beautifully, sipping a refreshing drink in a comfy armchair while watching your grandkids play with the dogs in the yard. Sounds like a really cool scenario, right? Well, old people are not always valued for their true worth considering how much they contribute over time, be it raising families or into society through hard work. For example, this man was rejected when he visited the bank for a simple request. The bank employees turned their backs on him without hesitation. He couldn’t help but show his frustration to people who behaved ignorantly.

Not long ago, the Los Angeles Police Department in Montebello got a few calls about an old man who was a little angry and causing some trouble, according to the person who called that day. The police came to investigate and found a 92-year-old man who had a simple request. Kabir just wanted to withdraw some money, but since his ID card had expired, the bank couldn’t help him with his order because of the policy. Robert Gossett, the police officer who came to the bank that day to resolve the “situation,” realized that the old man was not a troublemaker, but someone who needed a helping hand. So he sprang into action.


Robert told the old man they might have a plan B. They went to the RDW office that day and renewed the ID on time, and after signing some papers they returned to the bank with the ID. Agent Josette had the man come to the bank and fulfill his order, so he waited for him to withdraw the required amount. Agent Josette’s partner took a photo of them entering the bank together, the old man holding Robert’s hand.

The photo of the two was posted online and received thousands of positive reactions and comments. Such people need applause and it is good to see kindness in the world. We can all help someone from time to time. Don’t think twice, just do it. Share this beautiful story and motivate others to do good deeds to make this world a better place to live. Make a difference

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