When the teacher saw a child get depressed every day, the teacher wanted to know the reason


Teachers are very patient people, they can look after children very well and immediately notice when something is wrong with a child’s state of mind. Children often hide the trauma within themselves and are afraid or embarrassed to talk to someone about what is bothering them. The teacher in this article made sure that one of the children she was caring for was dissolved, even though it meant a huge sacrifice! You will not believe what a woman did for love for a child in kindergarten. It’s a great story about a man who made a great decision, a person with a great and generous spirit. How many people were willing to make such a sacrifice? Read to the end.


Nancy Blower is an ordinary life teacher, she is 54 years old and lives in Mason City, Iowa. Nancy loves her job very much and appreciates being able to take care of children as she loves being around little people. The other aspect that makes her so happy is that she contributes to the education of the youth and in this way can help build a strong education for the future generation. The group of 3 to 5 year olds you care about love her so much and feel so close to her. She knows and understands children well. She noticed that one of the kids had been sad for a while so she wanted to know what was going on around him and over time she found out why the little boy had a sad face all the time and he stopped working happily with other kids to play him. He usually did.


When Nancy Blower learned of her problem, she struggled to control her tears. Camden, the 4-year-old boy, was upset to know that his father was seriously ill and that his kidneys were only working at 20%. His father’s condition worsened with each passing day, and the thought that he might disappear from his life made Camden very sad. After a great love for children, Nancy thought about what she could do for this desperately needy family.



Knowing that her body could possibly function with a kidney, she thought of a sacrifice she might make for Camden. Nancy offered to donate her kidney to Daryl, Camden’s father. The family was amazed to hear the breeder’s intent, and rightly so, how many people would be able to perform such a kind, honorable act.


It is known that the chances of two people getting along with an organ transplant are very slim and the procedure is also very risky. After a compatibility analysis, the two were determined to be compatible and preparations for surgery began. Camden was so happy that his mood changed dramatically and he came to school the next day with an amazing bouquet of flowers along with his family who wanted to thank her again for the endless kindness you showed. The operation was performed on June 1 and was successful, the two patients are in good health. Daryl said he still can’t believe what happened and that he wants as many people in the world as Nancy can. Share this amazing story and spread positivity to the world!


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