Are You Stressed Up With Paining Joints? Here Is A Remedy – I’m Trying It Now!


Do you have an idea that a lemon fruit has a lot of nutritious advantages? This is because most of its contents are of medicinal value which can be of great importance if we fall sick. It also helps in the increasing of the immunity and the strength cardiovascular systems. The stomach and the liver too benefit from it.

Diseases that a lemon can prevent are many, including bronchitis, high blood pressure, and kidney stones among others.

Apart from its juice being useful, you can also use lemon peels to come up with a recipe to relieve painful joints!

The ingredients needed for this recipe are:


• Two lemons.
• A jar.
• Olive oil.

To prepare it:

• Peel the lemons and put the peels in a jar.
• Get some olive oil and fill the jar of peels with it.
• Close with the lid tightly and store it in a dark place for 2 weeks.
• Drain the mixture through a cheesecloth and apply it on the painful joints.

It’s advisable to apply on the painful joints before retiring to bed, so that the reaction can take place all through the night. If you can’t do it overnight, apply it for 3-4 hours during the day.

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