The Story of Matilda Callaghan, A Child with Full of Spots in her Face.


Rebecca Callaghan’s pregnancy in 2012 was troublesome, and because of abundance liquid around the hatchling, specialists chose to early convey.

Until about a half-hour after Matilda was born, no one was aware of any problems.

She had a large blue mark on his face that extended to one side of his body when she was born. The doctors initially thought it was just a bruise before realizing they had made a huge mistake.

Only 30 minutes after the fact, the specialist let the guardians know that it was a skin coloration.

Matilda was diagnosed with Sturge Weber syndrome, a rare neurological skin condition that also causes paralysis, learning disabilities, and seizures, two weeks after she gave birth.

Matilda was taken to the Adler Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, where she was treated for her illness so quickly.

The parents’ joy had turned into extreme worry in a matter of days. They weren’t sure if they’d ever see their daughter again.


Due to her extreme illness, we were unable to travel with her. We weren’t sure if we would see her again as we stood and watched her be taken away. We were so excited for the baby’s arrival, which will occur shortly. a few hours Her father told the Daily Mail that “we didn’t know if we would see her alive again.”


Among other things, they discovered that Matilda has two holes in her heart.

Despite the high probability that she would not survive, she managed to survive the operation. She was a real little fighter.


Additionally, Matilda started laser treatment to get rid of her unusual birthmark. However, it can require as long as 16 years to vanish totally.

In 2016, Matilda’s father Paul told The Daily Mail, “She gets treatment every few months and the laser makes it redder and angrier and her face is covered in dots after which they gradually fade.”

“People believe we are bad parents because they think we somehow made Matilda look the way she does,”


Normal excruciating laser medicines, Matilda was a truly blissful young lady.

However, Matilda and her birthmark were scrutinized by a lot of people. Even when Paul and Rebecca allowed their daughter to return, some people questioned whether they had left her too close to the cooler.

Paul, Matilda’s father, says” They make snap judgments based solely on what they see. I aspire that they would be able to see the past birthmark and realize what a magnificent angel she is.

Matilda has not only developed a birthmark on her face, but the disease has also rendered her nearly blind.


She can’t walk either, but she was able to take a few steps on her own thanks to a special walking frame.

Even though Matilda has struggled her entire life, she always smiles at everyone she meets. She’s said to be a stubborn child by her father: Either it looks like her or it doesn’t!

The family needs to get through gazes, affronts and, surprisingly, inside and out joke consistently.

“She has a smile for everyone, despite everything she has gone through. Her father stated that she is doing extremely well.

“We’re incredibly proud of Matilda, she’s absolutely amazing – we just live every day as a bonus.”


Matilda will be eight years old today. A recent picture of the girl in a wheelchair was made public by the family in June of 2019.

The goal of the crowdfunding page was to raise $6,300 in order to purchase a new wheelchair.

According to the page, “We are raising money to get her a new chair so she can continue doing what she loves most, which is spending time outside and away from riads and crowds.”

Page claims that the child’s grandfather passed away recently.


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