The Was Spraying The Miracle Whip Jar, Reason? I’m Trying This!


I never knew what Grant Thompson had in mind when he started painting a Miracle Whip jar’s interior.

It was only after a few moments that I realized his clever idea. You only need some spray paint from the store and a Miracle Whip jar to save a fortune.

All he wants to make is a secret safe to store some cash. Simple house hacks can be really useful whenever an emergency comes calling.


As revealed by the FBI, out of the 36 homes that are broken into within the United States, approximately $2,230 are lost in one home. Most of the burglaries will take place whenever the owners are not at home. Averagely, a burglar takes about 9-12 minutes to search through the house and get whatever he/she wants.

There are slim chances that a thief is going to do the searching in your kitchen or refrigerator. That’s why I find this idea to be so practical.

You only need the following to do it: Sandpaper (optional), Miracle Whip and some spray paint. The video below will let you learn how to make the secret safe.

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