The special thing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s little girl


When Lilibet was born, the whole family was delighted by this news, even if there were small misunderstandings between her parents and the royal family. Her birth was truly a happy moment that perhaps managed to reunite the family a little more. Now Lilibet is 1 year old, and her parents have prepared her first party as it should be because her parents are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The parents also decided to share some photos with the rest of the world.

The two are very proud of their children. They recently published a photo of their daughter, who was given the royal moniker Elizabeth. The photo was taken right at their property in Windsor.

Lilibet is a very beautiful girl and has inherited her father’s features because she has red hair and blue eyes. What a beautiful combination, isn’t it? Meghan has definitely chosen the clothes for her daughter’s first birthday and managed to integrate them very well into the landscape, so that a wonderful photo comes out.


Lilibet seems like a very happy child, and this can be seen in the picture. She has a very cute smile and it can be seen that she already has a few teeth, but more will come out.

A friend of Meghan and Harry said that the two are thrilled by the messages they received on their daughter’s birthday, and the number of messages was very high. People from all over the world decided to wish Lilibet a happy birthday through their social media accounts.

It was also revealed that close friends of the family, as well as other family members, were present at Lilibet’s party, which was an intimate gathering in the family yard. The parents chose for their daughter’s first party to be small, with loved ones so that Lilibet could feel good and spend time with all the guests who came especially for her.

Misan Harriman is the one who took Lilibet’s photo. He has also photographed other members of the royal family, so he knows exactly what he should do to get a successful picture that will make the family happy and that will remain a memory forever.


Claire Ptak made the cake that was served at the party because Harry and Meghan trust her, especially since she also made the cake from their wedding in 2018.


Another photo from the party shows Meghan and Lilibet together and they seem to be having a great time. The photo was published in black and white and they are with Harriman’s family, who were also invited to the party.

It can be seen from the photo that although Meghan and Harry have a more serious lifestyle, they did not forget that it is a child’s party and invited a person to paint the children’s faces. All the children certainly felt wonderful.

The world is delighted that the two parents chose to show such photos to everyone because it is nice to see some of the beautiful moments in their lives. Harry’s family seems to be very happy together, although lately there have been several disputes between them and the royal family, after the couple decided to move to America.

Harry and Meghan were quite discreet while they were in London because there are people who do not agree with their decisions and these people create different unpleasant moments or start news that defame them. For this reason, Lilibet and Archie were not seen with their parents when they were in London.


It is assumed that Queen Elizabeth and Lilibet met for the first time that weekend.

Meghan and Harry are involved in several charity campaigns, recently they were involved in World Central Kitchen, a charity that they back and which has recently worked in Ukraine and in Uvalde, Texas at the site of a primary school shooting. This is appreciated because many people trust them and donate to the causes in which the two are actively involved. The parents decided that the fundraising should be done in honor of Lilibet’s birthday. People have donated more than one hundred thousand dollars, and the two are very grateful for the people who support them.


These pictures of Lilibet represented only the second set of official images of Lilibet, following a Christmas card that was taken when she was a baby, but even in that picture Lilibet looked like a very happy baby, and the whole family seemed to be extremely happy together.

Meghan and Harry have not taken their children to any public event so far. There is also no photo of Lilibet with a member of the royal family. Surely Meghan and Harry have analyzed what they have to do as parents and have made the best decision to protect their children.

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