The sight of a lovable canine guarding its owner’s possessions caused distress to the individual who came to save it.



He remained loyal to his owners’ belongings

The name of this adorable doggie is Boo. The poor canine became unhappy when his owners abandoned him and moved out.


Luckily, he was noticed by a kind woman, who first thought that the doggie was just guarding his owner’s stuff for a while, but then she discovered that he had been just left behind with the trash and belongings of his humans.


She was moved by the sight and posted a photo on social media, hoping to focus people’s attention on the sweet animal.

When Devin Oliver, founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue saw his picture, his heart was broken and he hurried to the scene for help.

Although, it’s not an easy task to gain the doggie’s trust, the man managed to befriend with him.

At first, he took him to a vet and was informed that everything was great with his health, despite the fact that he was very hungry and thirsty.

Now, this cutie is under the strong care of the man and his staff and is waiting for a forever family full of love and respect.

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