She wanted to draw her eyebrows herself, but what happened after that might spoil her face!


An Australian teenager has had the most uncomfortable experience of her life. The girl wanted to draw her eyebrows herself, but what happened next could ruin her life!


Tillah Dore, from Victoria, Australia, was hospitalized in an emergency after developing a severe allergic reaction. She decided to paint her eyebrows and eyelashes in her own color.

The 16-year-old said she was in unimaginable pain after her body reacted to the ingredient para-phenylenediamine (PPD) in her hair color!

And the teen posted a photo on social media after the allergic reaction, describing the experience as terrifying, especially after doctors told her she could go blind.



Doctors warned her that her allergic reaction was not unusual, on the contrary, it was very serious and the young woman was very likely to lose her sight.

“There were tears and pus in my eyes, the discomfort was huge and I suffered a lot. I had chemical burns on both eyebrows and my eyes were so swollen that I couldn’t open them, ” said the young woman.

The young woman’s shock led him to recommend that anyone who wants to paint at home test the lotion on a small piece of leather, as indicated on the box.

“I made a mistake and now I’m trying to protect others,” Tylah added.

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