She Used Silk To Wrap Her Eggs. When She Unwrapped Them

She Used Silk To Wrap Her Eggs

Egg-dying is a form of art which has always been associated with Easter for quite some time. But, there is a unique twist which is associated with the old-fashioned art that is likely to amaze you. If done in the right manner, you will end up with the most beautiful eggs ever!

You are only required to have the following: white vinegar, twist ties, white fabric and silk fabric (a piece of each.)


Then, the procedure that follows is really simple: the egg is wrapped using the silk, it’s again wrapped using the white fabric. Then, with the use of tight twist ties, wrapping of the fabric/egg is done and then put into vinegar and boiling water. After a while, the eggs are taken out and left to cool.All is ready!

Ensuring the used silk is 100% is vital. Used handkerchiefs or Old ties can also serve the purpose. Always use silk that you will never mind if it gets ruined. The results will surely blow you away!

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