She lives in a luxury mansion in Malibu, her husband is worth more than $100 million


Living in a luxury mansion in Malibu, they have a large fortune that can provide them with a comfortable life for themselves and their children, but Pierce Brosnan, 68, and his wife Kelly Shay Smith, 58, prefer to live simply, like any normal person. . being.

Kelly was recently spotted walking outside a supermarket with a bag full of goods, just like any normal woman, whether he’s shopping often or riding a busy bike path.


Pierce Brosnan’s wife left the store with several bags, which she carried into the car alone, wearing a pale pink dress just above the knee and a face mask.

Pierce Brosnan and Kelly Shay Smith have been married for 27 and 20 years respectively.



She is the second wife of actor Pierce Brosnan. Ovarian cancer claimed the life of the first woman and one of her daughters.

So Pierce went out with Kelly, who was concerned about whether he would ever be able to love again. However, Pierce and Kelly’s adventure has continued ever since and the two formed one of the best couples in Hollywood.

“Her vitality and enthusiasm inspire me. She has a strength I couldn’t live without. Kelly always grabs me when you look at me,” former 007 clients admitted in a recent interview with The Independent.


Although Kelly lost his slim form after the birth of her two sons and no longer fit into the 90-60-90 styles, he remained faithful to his wife and proves after many years that their love is very strong and that the actor is not a fake . a man who only cares about looks.

Pierce is very much in love with his wife. The two are often photographed holding hands, kissing in public and never losing sight of each other while cycling in highly romantic situations.

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