Seven Qualities That Make A Great Friend


Friendships are found in all relationships. Every romantic relationship, parent/child relationship, sibling relationship, etc, using has some form of friendship involved. If you want to succeed at establishing good healthy relationships, you have to learn how to be a good friend. Here are seven qualities that your friends need if you want them to be keepers.

1. A good friend is geniuenly happen for you.
Have you ever had something good happen to you and your friend made a snide remark about it? If so, that is not a good friend. Friends should be excited for you and not filled with jealousy or envy, because of your good fortune. Great friends will want to help uplift you and celebrate with you. A good friend will not distance themselves or act angry when things are looking up for you.

2. A good friend is always available.
A good quality in a friend is trustworthiness. You can count on them to be there when you need them. They will not make an excuse for their lack of support. They make themselves available regardless of their hectic life.

3. A good friend values honesty.
Sometimes in order to be supportive, you have to be honest. Sugar coating something or ignoring a fact does more harm than good. A good friend can be supportive while giving you an honest assessment of yourself. Their honesty is not meant to be destructive or hurtful. It is constructive criticism that is meant to help you in the long run.

4. A good friend respects your time and your emotional energy.
In this business world, everyone’s time is valuable. It takes a lot of energy to be emotionally available to your friends. A good friend does not take you for grant and overload you with trivial problems that waste your time and your energy.


A great friend is aware of the emotional burden they are placing on their friends. That is why they will never use you as only a burden barrier for them.

5. A good friend values clear communication.
Some people are not great communicators. However, a great friend will give an effort to clearly state what they want to say. If a friend cannot get it right the first time, they will try again and again until what they want to say is clear to you.

6. A good friend will form a connection with you.
Friendships start by forming a connection based on common interest, perspectives and location. This quality helps you and your friend related to one another.

7. A good friend trusts you.
Trust is one of the most valuable qualities a friendship can have. Not only do you have to trust your friend, a good friend has to trust you, and you have to trust them. Trust is a great foundation for a friendship and is a necessary requirement for clear communication.

Source : mindbodygreen

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