I Saw Him Add Concrete To Lego Bricks…The Outcome? Amazing!

I Saw Him Add Concrete To Lego Bricks

Concrete is an awesome material to use in any do it yourself (DIY) project.  This is especially the case as DIY projects become a popular trend in the home décor industry. There are many projects that employ concrete as a material but the best we have come across is using it to make nesting tables. The guys from HomeMade modern use Legoblocks straight out of the box to achieve this!

Watch as the people from HomeMade modern create a nesting table by simply pouring concrete onto Lego blocks. Afterwards, they let it cool down for approximately a day and then removed the blocks. They ended up with amazing tables that any artist or carpenter would be proud of.


The most awesome thing however, is how the finished nesting tables are well textured. It is just dumbfounding how people are creative using simple material such as concrete. These DIY projects and their easy of doing may come to be strong competitors to IKEA products.

I wouldn’t have thought that Lego bricks plus concrete could bring out something so spectacular. It just goes to show, everything can be used to make something worthwhile. Tell us what you think about the nesting tables and while at it SHARE this with your friends.

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