Save Cash Make Some Of These At Home… I want Some of These!

Save Cash Make Some Of These At Home

Having to buy toys now and then is very frustrating to parents, as you have to buy them throughout the kid’s life until they are old enough. In every stage of their life, they use different toys to play with. The price of the toys keeps on changing. Once the toyshop brings a new stock, they normally adjust their prices upwards.

You need to come up with a way of making your own toys at home. This is less expensive than having to buy new ones. Again, you will be making use of the old clothes and items. Showing your little ones how to make these toys can be fun especially when you trying different methods to make a given toy.


The clip below shows you the steps to follow when making the “ninja balls.” The balls look the same as the stress balls and they make good toys for kids of any age. They can play with them while swimming or when at home. They’re so adorable!

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