Russian Individual Takes in Bear as a Pet, Only to Be Consumed by the Bear



When we bring a pet into the family, we adopt them as one of our own. It always seems like a good idea at first but sometimes, we may regret our decision after some time has passed.

Hunter Sergey Grigoriyev may have felt this way when he adopted a brown bear back in 2014. The 41-year-old Russian man had found the bear cub and decided it would be good to have him as a pet.


Four years later, however, the family of the man tried getting in touch with him and he wasn’t answering. Even the neighbors were trying to get in touch, but he wasn’t able to answer because the bear had eaten him alive.

One of the neighbors said they had called him but he didn’t answer. After his relatives came, they saw a bear wandering around and they had a dog with them as well.

“It attacked the bear, giving the people the opportunity to escape in the car.” The neighbor said.

There were reports that the bear had escaped from its cage and was running loose on the property in Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region. After realizing what had happened, the police shot the brown bear and killed it.


They were able to confirm that the bear had eaten one of the dogs on the property.


“Officers used their service weapons to kill the dangerous animal,” said a police statement. “As a result of the measures taken, the bear does not pose a threat to citizens’ lives and health any longer.”

According to one of the senior detectives, the cage was open and the animal was walking around behaving aggressively.

He said: “On the plot we found the skeletal remains of a man.”

They don’t know what type of treatment the bear received when the man was alive. They do know that another cub was adopted and given to a baiting station for training hunting dogs.

Unfortunately, those baiting stations do not have a good reputation for caring for the animals properly.

After being posted to social media, many people were saying how wrong it was for individuals to adopt animals, such as this, without being properly educated. It’s also good to love animals but respect their space

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