Ride share driver finds a lost toddler


No one likes getting a call in the middle of the night. So when Vida awoke to the sound of her phone ringing, panic quickly swept through her mind and body. Vida answered the phone and heard her son on the other end, asking her to meet him outside and “Bring a blanket”. Confused, her son’s discovery was the last thing she expected to see on that cold night she’d never forget.

The story this young Lyft driver has to share is just a proof how sometimes things fall into place simply because we happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Ashton Mazyck from Worcester, Massachusetts is a behavioral therapist who works with children by day and drives for Lyft at night, trying to earn some extra money. When this company first offered their services on the market, people were a bit hesitant whether it was safe for them to be taking peer-to-peer shared rides with complete strangers. However, over time, everyone realized how using Lyft’s services saves time and money and how all those drivers are trustworthy people who’ll go above and beyond for their customers’ safety.


Flickr/Tony Webster

It was a few days ago when Ashton called the night off and headed home. Pretty tired from the long shift, he just wanted to make it home and take some rest before he goes to his day job early in the morning.

However, just after he parked the car at the parking lot, he noticed a figure that resembled a shivering animal. He felt sorry for it and decided to get closer when he figured out it wasn’t an animal but a 2-year-old girl.


It was already 3 a.m and Ashton couldn’t understand what a child so young was doing outside on the cold, or how she got there in the first place. The first thing he did was to call his mother who happened to live in the same building and ask her to bring a blanket.

His mother, Vida Mazyck quickly rushed down. They took the girl inside and tried to warm her up before they contacted the police and reported the incident.

Vida said:


“Her feet were numb. I kept saying, ‘Does this hurt?’ And she couldn’t feel me rubbing her feet.”


The girl was taken to the hospital and provided with some help regarding her shivering.

The police later informed Ashton how the girl managed to run away from home while her grandma, who was supposed to babysit her while her mommy was doing late shift, fell asleep.

After she left her home barefoot and with light clothing, she got confused and didn’t know how to find the way back so she just huddled next to the building’s main entrance. And that’s when Ashton stumbled upon her.

This incident along with the story went viral. Ashton was contacted by many news outlets. He said:

“I don’t know how long she was out there, but I’m just definitely thankful, you know, that I was there when I was.”

Vida doesn’t like the idea of her son working late, but she is now grateful he worked that night and spotted the young soul in need of help.



The toddler’s family is beyond grateful to both Ashton and Vida for stepping in for their little girl. These mother and son are real angels.

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