With No Research, They Began The Construction Of A Stunning Underground Home!


Have you ever imagined how it will feel like living in houses that are shown on fictional movies?

Current constructors and architects have an endless imagination of houses from whimsical castles constructed with wheels to lovely painted magical houses.

One constructor was motivated deeply by J.R.R. Tolkien, an author who is famous for having written the imagination works, titled The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

After studying closely the designs in the Tolkien tales, he teamed up with his buddy to construct a little underground home with the same style. The Homemade Hobbit Hole, is a page of Tumblr that has the photos of the construction process of this little home.

Yeatesrevealed to theDaily News, that in his head, he only had a small sketch that he had stored there, and that is how he came to start the construction steps. He went on to say that this home had no prior research, however they looked at the movies of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

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Two years ago, Ashley Yeates, a construction expert and designer from Bedford, England, endeavored to build a hobbit hole in his backyard.

tumblr_muqm2dUuED1skt5uho4_12801-600x451The Homemade Hobbit Hole

For those who are unfamiliar with the structure, these are types of homes featured in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy saga. Together with his friend, Alec Wright, Yeates built these underground dwellings in a year.

tumblr_muqlts7jSa1skt5uho4_12801-600x451The Homemade Hobbit Hole

“I’d made previous smaller hideaways and I started thinking about taking it to the next level,” Yeates told the Daily News, not long after the “tiny home” was completed. “I just like building things that are going to shock people.”

tumblr_muqln2j9bF1skt5uho4_12801-600x451The Homemade Hobbit Hole

The apple tree that once stood in his backyard had died from a fungal infection. So, in its place, the two-man team started to ambitiously dig a hole for their project.


tumblr_muqkvaCPla1skt5uho2_12801-600x796The Homemade Hobbit Hole

They built a strong internal wooden frame to ensure a solid platform. Then, corrugated iron was used to seal in the structure, and waterproof barriers were put up around the paneling.

tumblr_muqkvaCPla1skt5uho3_12801-600x451The Homemade Hobbit Hole

Before sealing the structure and layering turf over the roof, they added extra barriers to keep out moisture.

tumblr_muqlts7jSa1skt5uho2_12801-600x451The Homemade Hobbit Hole

There are several amenities inside the “hole.” There’s a kitchenette, as well as a custom bench and workstation area.

tumblr_muqmxpeNIi1skt5uho2_1280-600x448The Homemade Hobbit Hole

The bench was fashioned with a red corduroy material, and fitted with gold studs. There is a a cabinet that can open up underneath.

tumblr_muqmiyFXDY1skt5uho3_12801-600x448The Homemade Hobbit Hole

There’s also a built-in cinema system — complete with a data projector and an automatic drop-down screen.

tumblr_muqmxpeNIi1skt5uho5_1280-600x448The Homemade Hobbit Hole

The Hobbit Hole can comfortably fit three adults. The neighborhood children loved the finished home — up to 10 of them played in it at once, according to Yeates.

tumblr_muqmxpeNIi1skt5uho1_1280-600x448The Homemade Hobbit Hole

For a team that worked without an initial sketch or blueprint whatsoever, the friends have masterfully constructed a well-equipped residence. It even has dimming lights and an air cooling system!

tumblr_muqlts7jSa1skt5uho1_12801-600x451The Homemade Hobbit Hole

“If I did get a commission for another [Hobbit Hole], it would be spectacular,” said Yeates. “There could be multiple rooms, all kinds of things. I’d very much like to make another one.”

tumblr_muqnc7kBEI1skt5uho1_1280-600x448The Homemade Hobbit Hole

And with his brilliant craftsmanship, we believe that whatever he creates next will be marvelous. Whatever it may be, we hope that it will transport us into the fantastic realm of yet another fantasy. Please SHARE if you were impressed by this unique design!

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