They Put Some Salt Into The Balloon, Reason? I Can’t Wait To Try This!

They Put Some Salt Into The Balloon

If you have always wished to win a friendly wager or impress your guests whenever you throw a party, then learning simple party tricks is necessary. This video is exactly teaching you that! Have you ever known you can inflate your balloon without making use of your lungs, mouth or a balloon blower? The answer is yes. To do it, you are needed to have easily available household items: some table salt and a bottle of coke.

It’s not a must that you must be holding a party soon to learn this trick, you can decide to learn it and demonstrate it to kids as a scientific experiment. It good to practice it when no one is watching you before you can demonstrate it in front of people to avoid embarrassment. The step-by-step procedure of carrying out this trick is explained within this video. Every step is so simple and straight forward for anyone to try.


Do you think this is a trick you will consider learning? If you gave it a try, kindly let us know how it went.

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