They Purchase Basic Needs And Pack Them In Backpacks. See Who They Hand Them Over To… So Touching!


I have come across many homeless people, and every time I want to help them, I don’t know what to do.

I am not aware if this also happens in wherever you live, but here in New York City, homelessness has become a rampant thing. I wish I had the power to help all the homeless people. But it is not wise to help them by issuing them money because you will never know what they will use it for.


This is the reason why I think that issuing something helpful to a needy person is 1000 times better than simply throwing some money to his begging cup. When I will be coming across a needy person, I will surely give out some of my food to him, or give a warm attire to him. But the following video will surely amaze you on this cool way of helping the needy.

From the video below, you can witness this couple that goes for shopping. They buy used backpacks from the cheap stores and pack them with necessary things that cost less, in order to come up with a “homeless pack.” Actually, the pack contains the toiletry, the non-perishable foods, and some clothing.

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