A Priest Was Called To Hospital To Baptize A Dying Premature Baby


Kahn spoke on his Facebook page about a disturbing episode that shaped his entire existence, not just as a priest.

Reverend Ewan shared on his Facebook page a disturbing episode that shaped his whole life, not just as a priest.

The accident happened in a maternity hospital, where he was called to baptize a child who had no chance of survival.

After the sacrament of baptism, something very drastic happened in the maternity ward.

“One day a wonderful nurse, Ilinca, urgently called me to the maternity ward to baptize a six-month-old premature baby who was dying.

I left with a heavy heart, and after being armored with slippers, mask, goggles and helmet, I entered the realm of war until death.

Dozens of babies, born at 5, 6 and 7 months old, struggled to cross the line of death with thousands of wires and tubes.


One of them was very small and weighed about 500 grams I think, but he scratched his whole body and pulled on his little hands.

Ilinka told me he cried like that.

The sick child, less than a kilo, was in a terrible electric car. She took him with gloves on, baptized him and gave him holy water to drink. Then I divided it with a microscopic teaspoon of one milligram in which Christ was perfect.


“This child has not gained weight since birth, is suffering from acute respiratory failure and yet does not want to die.” I said I’m waiting for him to enter church heaven.

I sat in a chair and watched the baby in the incubator for a few minutes. There was a deep calm on his face. Suddenly he turned his head towards me and gave me the most beautiful smile in the universe. A gate of light has been opened in my heart.

You are his godfather, right? Tears welled up in my eyes and I saw only two nurses walking around. And the EKG machine’s lifeline is a continuous, monotonous whistle that smells like death.

Ilinka told me this baby is waiting for you to baptize him. I was so broken I said nothing more. But that divine smile is forever etched in my memory,” he said.
The office of priest spread widely and many were moved to tears by what happened.

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